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Men Wide Mid Calf

Ariat Rambler
Classic Western Boots Ariat Rambler from Zappos

Mid calf boots are extremely functional, offering comfort and support to the wearer. As a rule, mid calf boots are more flattering for ample calves than ankle boots, because they don\’t stop at the widest part of the leg, they go some way up the calf and disguise the area. Additionally, mid-calf boots, even those which are not marked as wide calf or extended calf, are a good starting point in the process of picking up the right boot for wider calved persons. There are two main reasons for this:
1. Because of the shorter shaft, mid calf boots do not zip or go over the widest part of the calf.
2. Often mid calf boots are designed to be lose, or flare at the top, and provide enough room for the wearer to tuck in their pants or jeans in them.
The most common types of mid calf boots are western boots, motorcycle boots, and winter shearling boots. They usually provide wider shaft for a reason and are suitable for persons with muscle calves. Whether made from leather or rubber, mid calf boots combine function with fashion and serve their purpose.
This article is aimed to be a guide and give instruction on how to pick up the best fitting mid calf boots for the purpose, how to select the best styles by comparing the types mid calf boots available on the market.

Types of Mid-Calf Boots
There is a huge variety of mid- calf boots available on the footwear market today. Many of them do not just serve their functional purpose, they look stylish, wear well, and are always in fashion and can be worn year after year.
Western boots are one of the most popular mid calf boots.
Motorcycle boots can be worn all year long.
Shearling boots will keep your feet warm and cozy in chilly winter weather.

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