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Men Motorcycle Boots

People with thick calves often have trouble with tall boots that offer decent protection as they don’t fit at the shaft area. Hence is the need for dual sport and touring motorcycle boots to fit wide calves.
Motorcycle boots are worn by motorcycle riders and offer armoring and water proving. Typically motorcycle boots have low heel to control the motorcycle and offer decent protection as they are made of thick sturdy leather. Contemporary motorcycle boots contain man- made materials, and may include specially designed improvements for energy absorbing, i.e. heel bumper, or load balancing padding.
Motorcycle boots can be used for touring, racing, off- road motocross racing.
Racing boots are designed to offer protection while riding a motorcycle on a street or race track while touring boots are designed for riding on city streets and highways. Both racing and touring boots provide legs and feet protection. Typically the boots are form-fitting, and the shaft is capable for opening lengthwise for easy put on/off. This is often done with velcro- closers which allow adjusting and better fit trough the foot and shaft. The boot shaft consists of harder outer shell and softer inner leg.
Motocross boots are designed for all- terrain riding and are usually stiffer than any other motorcycle boot in order to prevent the feet and legs from injury.

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